Occupational Road Safety Alliance

Using the 'THINK Road Safety at Work' logo

Think Road Safety Logo

Please feel free to use the Think Road Safety at Work logo on any relevant materials. It can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.


The THINK! logo is dark blue and yellow. These colours can be printed either as two special colours or out of four-colour process. To print out of 2 specials the Pantone references are - 289 (blue) and 109 (yellow). To print out of four-colour process the blue is 100C 60M 0Y 56K and the yellow is 0C 9M 94Y 0K.

If only one colour is available the preferred colour is Pantone 289 or black. If neither of these options is available the logo can be printed out of any one single strong colour. The logo can also be reversed out when it is used on a strong colour background and it would otherwise be difficult to read.


The logo can be used at any size. When enlarging or reducing the logo in size all elements, including the text, must be scaled up or down in proportion.


The logo can be positioned anywhere on your publicity items providing it is not altered in any way.

Where to get your copy

Download the logo here: