Occupational Road Safety Alliance


Evaluation should form a part of an organisation’s monitoring and review processes of their MORR strategy, and the results of any evaluation or review should be fedback into the MORR risk management so that improvements can be made.

An organisation’s MORR policy or strategy will probably include a number of specific MORR activities or measures, such as driver assessment and training; policies and procedures on journey planning, mobile phones, alcohol, vehicle selection criteria, communication and awareness raising, accident investigation and many others.

 This new guide for employers provides practical advice on the purpose and benefits of evaluating MORR activities:

  •  Deciding which MORR activities to evaluate
  • Planning an evaluation

  • Setting Aims and Objectives

  • Developing a Logic Model to explain how a MORR activity will reduce work-related road risk

  • Choosing evaluation methods

  • Conducting an evaluation, including collecting and analysing data and writing the evaluation report

“How to Evaluate Managing Occupational Road Risk” can be downloaded from www.rospa.com/road-safety/resources/free/employers/.