Occupational Road Safety Alliance

Action Plan

When first beginning to consider how to manage occupational road risk, it can seem that everything needs to be done at once, but this is not the case. It is important to identify and set priorities, and to develop a plan of action.

The purpose of ORSA is to share knowledge and good practice and help organisations to understand the risks, the legal obligations, the business benefits of addressing this issue.

Use the Facts & Figures, Case Studies, Help and Advice and Links sections of this website to find advice on how to start, sources of further help and resources.

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Fleet Safety Benchmarking project

Benchmarking is a highly effective way of achieving improvements to road safety in a corporate setting by helping organisations to identify good practice by comparing practice across organisations or divisions within organisations.

This project will create an online benchmarking tool to provide a mechanism to help organisations compare their processes and performance for managing work-related road safety, provide a source of statistical data, introduce them to best practice processes and make them aware of the help, resources and advice that is available.

The project is being delivered by the Driving For Better Business campaign, with funding from the DfT and in collaboration with Interactive Driving Systems, ORSA, RoSPA, Fleet21, Transport Research Laboratory , the Fleet Forum and the Fleet Transport Association and with further support from the Australian National Road Safety Partnership Programme. The planned launch date is February 2016.

For further details please contact Fleet Safety Benchmarking at support@fleetsafetybenchmarking.net.